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Yoga with tweens and young teens

Posted on Thursday 17 March

Classes for tweens and young teens continue, and it's always so lovely to have their feedback. This is usually along the lines of how relaxing they find the classes, and how much better they feel afterwards. 

I can certainly resonate with that, many times I have not felt like doing my own practice...and always I have felt better afterwards!

Classes for this age group start with time for them to check in with how they are feeling, and we chat about that. We may also spend some time chatting about a subject like love, forgiveness or kindness, offering them a safe space to explore these issues. I am a mindfulness teacher too, so classes always include some elements of meditation and mindfulness, often in a fun way. There is lots of variety and the youngsters often lead sessions or come up with games and ideas for us to use. 

Classes are always geared toward helping the child to accept themselves as they are, and to learn to work with their feelings and emotions, giving them tools to cope with stress. We finish with a relaxation, often with blankets and lavender eye pillows, or scented oil helping them to feel cosy and pampered. 

Do get in touch if you are interested in your youngster coming along to try a class

Current Classes

Yoga and mindfulness for girls 11-15

Tuesdays in term time , 5-6pm, £7 to try then booked per half term

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Yoga and mindfulness for girls 11-15

Tuesdays in term time, 6.30-7.30, £7 per class paid in advance per half term

Contact Jane about this class >