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Yoga for children and
young adults
from 3-16

Brighton-based Funkyoga offers a fresh modern approach to yoga for children and young adults. Supporting the whole child to learn, develop, relax and gain in confidence through yoga. Taking a holistic approach, through all of the senses, to nurture the child on all levels, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

Sessions are tailored to age and developmental stage. Emphasis is given to empowering, exercising, and educating the whole child through yoga.

Children who do yoga

  • learn about their bodies and feel the
    benefits of the poses
  • learn about the world in a creative and
    imaginative way
  • gain an understanding of breathing and
    an awareness of their emotions
  • explore music, movement and
  • learn about relaxation and discover
    their own natural strategies on which
    they can build to cope with stress in
    their lives

Jane has been a life long devotee of yoga, trying many different styles along the way and is inspired to bring this amazing practice to children and young adults through her own experience. She trained as an accredited children’s yoga teacher through YogaBeez and is based in Brighton.