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New class for 12 years and above in Hove

Posted on Wednesday 29 July

I'm planning a new class at The Hive, to follow on from the one I already run. 

The current one has attracted an audience of girls aged 7-11ish and so there is a need for a follow on class. This will be for 12 years and above.

The class will be yoga. meditation and mindfulness to help the girls be strong and flexible, learn how to cope and manage their stresses. Time and time again I hear the children telling me they don't know how to relax, and that they would like to be better at focussing, or more confident in themselves. These classes will help with all of that. 

A fun, relaxed class, with lots of partner and team work to aid bonding. We start the classes with quiet time, maybe some drawing or writing in journals about our week or certain feelings, then we share and learn together. The class ends with a relaxation or guided visualisation, supporting the child to kern how to access their inner calm.

It will be Mondays at 4.45 for an hour, £6 per class, booked in blocks to ensure that we form a settled safe group who can grow and learn together, with minimum disruption.

Get in touch for more info or booking 

Current Classes

Yoga and mindfulness for girls 11-15

Tuesdays in term time , 5-6pm, £7 to try then booked per half term

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Yoga and mindfulness for girls 11-15

Wednesdays in term time, 5-6pm, £7 per class paid in advance per half term

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